Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review of PARENTS in Spring 2011 Issue of Rain Taxi

Noah Eli Gordon has a thoughtful review of PARENTS in the Spring 2011 issue of Rain Taxi (the print version).

Writing in the Chapbook Corner section, Gordon says, among other things, that "Parents is at its core a kind of darkly comic fairly tale cloaked in a sequence of narrative poems, which reject the clarity of event on expects from a narrative through a consistently shifting of consciousness, and a murky, amorphous articulation of action."

Definitely check it out.

Also, here's a great pic of the chapbook window display at the CUNY Graduate Center, taken during the Chapbook Festival earlier this month. Props to Hitomi Yoshio for the fine pic.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

See us at the CUNY Chapfest this week!

Immaculate Disciples Press has a table at the Third Annual CUNY Chapbook Festival! The book fair is Thursday (3/3) and Friday (3/4) between Noon - 7pm. Lots of awesome panels are happening as well.

We'll be selling copies of Farrah Field's Parents, Sampson Starkweather's The Heart is Green from So Much Waiting, the Matt Bollinger/Dan Magers drawing/poem collaboration Passion, as well as the baby broadsides the artist Joseph Lappie created for Sink Review.

All of this and more at 365 Fifth Avenue, the lobby of Elebash Recital Hall.

For more info on the chapfest, go to